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WHOLESALE PROPERTIES - Rehabbers, investors, check out our "wholesale property" for fixer uppers in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. If you are looking for solid properties in good area to fix up and rent out, this is it. You can buy them here at wholesale price for less than 70% LTV after rehab. We also have contacts to licensed contractors and property managers if you decided to use them.

CASHFLOW PROPERTIES - If you are an investor who does not want to do any of the work and just want to buy a turn key investment, meaning the property is all fixed up and the tenant has moved in, please check out our "cashflow property". All you have to do is to wait for the monthly check to cash in your account. We oversee the rehab, hire professional property manager to market the property, screen tenant and manage the rental property. We sell these turn key properties at a reasonable price where it can generate a healthy amount of positive cash flow for you every month.




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